Timber Sash Window Specialists

Monument Joinery specialises in the design and manufacture of timber double glazed sash windows, replacing your old and tired single glazed windows with energy efficient double glazed window panes.

We have worked on period listed properties as well as new build houses so we understand that windows come in all shapes and sizes. We therefore pride ourselves on being able to meet all your design requirements taking into account any size, shape or any other specific design requirement you may have.

Monument Joinery understand the process required to replace your existing single glazed windows with  energy efficient double glazed sash windows whilst being sympathetic to the original building and as a result we are able to replicate your existing design or create something new if you wish.

  • New timber window manufacture
  • Refurbishment of existing windows (replacement of single glazed with double glazed glass and draft proofing)
  • Sliding box, storm proof and flush sashes
  • Save heating bills as well as reducing noise levels

Other Timber Products

We are not restricted to providing only sash windows. We have completed a number of different windows styles and will endeavor to meet any design requirements you may have.

Please see our Gallery for further information on our other products


Monument Windows Double Glazed Window

We know that your windows are important, not only from the point of view of making your property look stunning but also in providing a warm and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Good quality windows will save you money on your heating bills and keep out unwanted external noise from traffic and other modern day disturbances. In addition to our timber double glazed sash windows, we can also provide other double glazed window solutions and design depending on your requirements. We would be happy to discuss your own specific requirements with you.

Our window technology, which we have developed over a number of years, allows our replacement windows to replicate your original design with small beading and intricate detail (often only achievable with single glazed glass) while providing the benefits of double glazed glass.

Contact Us to get further details on how we can help you with your bespoke window requirements.


With over 40 years of experience working with wood and timber, our master craftsmen are equally at home designing and manufacturing doors to complement your new or existing windows. Both internal and external doors can be designed, again to your exact requirements including size and finish.

As with our window products, we are experienced in creating replica designs for worn our timber doors. Equally, we can help you create a completely new design for your door or doors which accentuates the unique character of your property.

Contact Us to get further details on how we can help you with your bespoke door requirements.

Stair Cases

Monument Joinery is also able to provide a bespoke stair case design, manufacture and installation service. Using a range of softwood and hardwoord timber materials, stair cases can be designed to replicate your existing stairs or newly designed to meet the evolving needs of your house.

Please Contact Us to get further details on how we can help you with your bespoke staircase requirements.


Selecting furniture to complement your house or to meet a specific requirement can be a challenge which cannot always be met through flat pack furniture. when something bespoke and unique is required, Monument Joinery can help you in the design and manufacture of a piece of furniture which will be tailored to you requests.

Be that size, shape, material, functionality, Monument Joinery will help you achieve you dreams in timber.

Please Contact Us to get further details on how we can help you with your bespoke furniture requirements.